Here is my story:

FOR FIVE YEARS--from August 2007 to October 2012--I wrote original songs full-time for the Studios at SST in Weehawken, NJ, directly across the Hudson River from Midtown Manhattan. I had been re-discovered by SST owner and producer John Hanti, who signed me to a long-term development deal. By January 2012 we had incorporated a production company called University Jams to produce new college fight songs. We had produced full EP's for Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Ohio State. Our CD's were in stores and selling well. SST staff producers like Onree Gill (Alicia Keys' music director) were producing their own versions of my songs. I had invested five years of my life savings to make a dream come true, and it was happening! THEN....

IN ONE TERRIBLE NIGHT, HURRICANE SANDY DESTROYED IT ALL (Recording engineers and producers will enjoy this documentary film about it). It was devastating, not only to me, but also to my executive producer/studio owner, John Hanti, and to all of us who worked for the studio. In the ensuing years I have struggled to get back on my feet, only to be knocked down again...and again...and again. In the wake of the storm, I eventually lost what was left of my equipment and instruments, my car, and sometimes, my sanity. My family is gone and I have been divorced for years. While many good friends have come to my aid from time to time, I have had only myself, my music, and my commercial writing and advertising skills to rely on.

Last year I wrote a book for the Indiana Dog Whisperers titled "Problem Pup to Perfect Pup" that is now for sale on Amazon. In 2013 I edited "Hard Days, Hard Nights," the award-winning, #1 Amazon bestseller by Pat DiCesare. Throughout the ordeals of last 4 1/2 years I have continued to write and produce new music and to work on my Acker Communications business. Each time I have been knocked down I have gotten back up. Now I am writing my own first book, The Content of their Character: Success Stories of Successful Southern Black Baby Boomers.